Healthcare Workers Discuss Their Experiences With Moderna Vaccine


(WUTR-TV) — In December, the Pew Research Center put out a survey to see how people felt about getting the COVID-19 vaccine. 39% said they would probably or definitely not get it. Healthcare professionals from Slocum Dickson Medical Group received their first round of the Moderna vaccine over 2 weeks ago, and say their experiences have both gone well.

“I went and had it done at the St. Elizabeth’s clinic. It was pretty quick. . . It was a pretty traditional vaccine. I received it, my arm was a little sore for a day or so.” – Dr. Kenneth Visalli, Primary Care Physician, Slocum Dickson Medical Group

” [I] got the vaccine which took about 2 minutes and then, you went and sat and got monitored for about a half hour. There was a physician there that just made sure that you didn’t have any reactions and anything and you were fine. And then you booked your second appointment and I go back later this month or that.” – Shannon Lee Nurse Practioner Slocum Dickson Medical Group

According the FDA the Moderna vaccine is 94% effective. Dr. Visalli says if you’re feeling skeptical about its safety to look at the data.

“The short term data over the last 6 months or so really show that this is a really safe and effective vaccine. So if you’re really basing this on science, right now things look good.” – Dr. Kenneth Visalli, Primary Care Physician, Slocum Dickson Medical Group

However, getting the vaccine doesn’t mean you can stop following the COVID guidelines.

“It’s kind of like saying well my car has airbag so I’m not going to wear a seatbelt, right? It really doesn’t make sense yet. So, when we get 70% of the population vaccinated and our community spread has gone down drastically then we can start going back t you know normal experiences but I think we still have time to wait on that.” – Dr. Kenneth Visalli, Primary Care Physician, Slocum Dickson Medical Group.

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