Coronavirus Hot Spots Slow Reopenings


Experts warn the increased number of cases show the virus is still actively spreading.

(NBC News)  As the number of positive COVID-19 tests grow dramatically across the country many hot spots are slowing down phased reopenings or pausing the process all together.

More than 20 states have seen a spike in infections, with 14 of those jumping more than 25 percent.

Florida on Friday reported the highest number of new infections since the pandemic began.

Increased testing is likely part of the reason for higher numbers nationwide, but doctors warn it’s evidence of a serious and growing problem.

“The increased testing is detecting what is already out there, so there is clearly community spread of the virus, which drives home the point people need to continue practicing these public health measures,” says NBC News medical contributor Dr. Lipi Roy. “Physical distancing, covering the face and hand hygiene.”

A number of cities are delaying reopenings.

The state of South Carolina has declared a new state of emergency and in Oregon a phased reopening has been put on hold.

“The virus makes the timelines, we don’t make the timelines and we are all in this together,” Governor Kate Brown said. 

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