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Health News - Hepatitis-C and Pregnancy

Hepatitis-C and Pregnancy

Most infants exposed to Hepatitis-C in the womb are not screened for the virus.

Hepatitis-C infections among pregnant women have soared in recent years mostly due to the opioid epidemic.

Despite the increase, a new study found only 30-percent of exposed infants were screened after birth.

That means many infected children may go undiagnosed until they show symptoms.
Hepatitis-C can lead to irreversible liver disease.

Synthetic Opioids and Overdoses

Another new study reveals synthetic opioids are now linked to more drug overdoses in the US than prescription painkillers.

Government researchers tracked death certificate data over a six-year period.

They found synthetic opioids, like fentanyl, were involved in 45-percent of opioid-related deaths in 2016.

That's up from 14-percent in 2010.

Medical Marijuana and Opioid Use in Older Adults

Medical marijuana may decrease opioid use among older adults.

Researchers from Northwell Health surveyed 138 seniors who used medical marijuana to treat chronic pain.

65-percent said they had significantly reduced their use of opioids or stopped taking them completely.

91-percent said they would recommend medical marijuana to others.

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