AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Encouraging women to get screened just in case they may have breast cancer is the aim of Panhandle Breast Health.

“Oh my goodness, thousands. Thousands,” said Leticia Goodrich, Panhandle Breast Health Founder & Executive Director.

That was the response Goodrich gave when asked about how many people she thinks they’ve helped out in the over 25 years they’ve been in operation.

“Our major thrust has been to locate women, get them screened so that they will have early detection if they by chance should have breast cancer. When you get an early treatment, you discover that and get that diagnosis. It’s a tough diagnosis but it’s survivable up to 98%,” said Goodrich.

Through various local and state grants, Panhandle Breast Health helps those that qualify with financial assistance for medical bills from breast cancer-related procedures.

They also reach out to survivors of breast cancer like Millie Bingham.

“I am very pleased to say that come March it’ll be 12 years. It doesn’t seem possible but then on the other hand it only seems like yesterday that I was diagnosed,” said Bingham.

Bingham discovered her breast cancer after a self-diagnosis in January that year.

“It was bam bam bam. I was having surgery the day before my birthday in March. That was almost 12 years ago. I highly highly recommend to women and men to do those self-exams monthly because I had had a mammogram six months before and I was clean,” said Bingham.

As a breast cancer survivor, Bingham loves telling her story to anyone that it may help, saying God works in mysterious ways.

“If I could help someone that had just been diagnosed with breast cancer, let me just sit down and let’s just talk. Because we can get through this and we can get through it together,” said Bingham.

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