LUBBOCK, Texas — The Susan G. Komen organization and Arrington Comprehensive Center talked about the importance of women getting a mammogram done, especially during October, to help prevent or treat early signs of Breast Cancer.

Lindsey Kennelly, manager at Arrington Comprehensive Center, said it’s important to get a mammogram done since it can help give an accurate prognosis as there are different treatments out there.

“It takes about 15 minutes the whole process. And, of course, every woman has a different pain tolerance. I wouldn’t say the mammogram hurts.

“It can be uncomfortable because we do need to compress, but that’s where the patient needs to take ownership and say, ‘Hey, you know that’s a little too tight,’ and then the technologist can either stop at that compression or they can lessen the compression a little bit, but we do need to compress,” Kennelly said.

The Susan G. Komen organization has brought awareness to the importance of mammograms since 1982. It helps serve as a reminder for many people to learn about family history.

“Go get it done, get it done, put it behind, you put it on your to-do list, check it off.” Susan Brown, Senior Director of the Susan G. Komen organization, said, “And then, once it’s done, you don’t really need to think about having a mammogram again, probably for another year.

“But in the meantime, if you ever notice a change in your breast, it’s important not to wait until that next mammogram appointment date comes along that to go ahead and have it checked by a doctor.”

According to both officials, a mammogram screening could cost someone anywhere from $200 or less, depending on your insurance. Most insurances cover mammogram screenings, although just depending on your deductible.

To schedule a mammogram screening with the Arrington Comprehensive Center call 806-725-7908, or contact the Komen Breast Care helpline at 1-877-465-6636.