AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — More teens are on the internet daily consuming or creating content, most of which use Facebook, Instagram, and or TikTok.

TikTok leads other social media sites among the youth in the U.S. as 47% of their users are aged 10 to 29. The site also shows the internet as the most visited on the internet.

People of all ages witness dangerous trends or challenges on the internet but kids are more likely to reenact what they see. These trends and challenges can often result in the individual being arrested, hospitalized, and in some cases dead. These risks are taken in an attempt to gain social popularity or clout, during and after the coronavirus lockdown attempts became drastic.

Here’s a short list of viral dangerous TikTok trends, and challenges that kids are taking part in that could be taking place in your household.

12 dangerous TikToks include:

  • Nyquil Chicken Challenge

This TikTok challenge requires Tiktok users to boil raw chicken in Nyquil or any cough medicine. According to doctors boiling a medication can make it more concentrated and increase the defects, even if the substance is not consumed the smell can cause harm. The FDA said consumption of Nyquil chicken can be dangerous or even fatal.

  • Taping mouth during sleep

This TikTok trend displays individuals describing the hazards of not taping your mouth while sleeping which allegedly contributes to bad breath, cavities, gum disease, brain fog, and a weakened immune system. According to the Cleveland Clinic, sleeping with your mouth open can cause long-term problems but taping it is not the proper solution. Cleveland Clinic officials said taping your mouth could be dangerous by causing cardiac arrest and decreased oxygen levels.

The “Blackout Challenge,” which has been around and trending on social media since 2008, has taken the life of multiple individuals, due to the number of deaths TikTok has the hashtag “The Blackout Challenge” banned on the platform. The challenge consists of an individual holding their breath before having another individual press them against the wall until they pass out or blackout.

This challenge displays kids taking a massive amount of Benadryl, which is an over-the-counter allergy drug, kids apparently aim to get high and bring on hallucinations. According to CNN, a 13-year-old kid died after participating in this trend, reports said he took a total of 12 to 14 pills and immediately went into a seizure.

“Dry Scooping,” is a trend that displays individuals scooping pre-work-out supplement powder and consuming it without drinking any water to dilute it. The video then displays individuals working out with an ample amount of energy. Typically pre-workout supplements contain ingredients that provide people with protein and energy. One scoop could be equivalent to three cups of coffee, which can be dangerous causing high blood pressure, heart problems, and even death.

  • Borg challenge

Borg, or “Blackout Rage Gallon,” is a TikTok trend that is presented as a safe way to drink and not receive a hangover the next morning. This trend shows people mixing half a gallon of water, a half gallon of vodka, water enhancer, hydration packets, caffeine, and or Pedialyte in a gallon jug. The average “Borg” contains a half pint of alcohol that is diluted which gives the consumer the belief that this is a safe way to consume without any defects. The trendiest part of this challenge is naming your Borg using a clever pun including Borg in the name. This challenge has placed many college students in the hospital, diagnosed with alcohol poison.

  • Beezin challenge

The challenge “Beezin’,” consists of people rubbing Burt’s Bees lip balm onto their eyelids before going out and partying for the night. Consumers believe the menthol and the peppermint in the lip balm will enhance their alertness and increase their buzz while partying. The defects of the Beezin include eye inflammation, eye irritation, or vision loss.

  • WaterTok

The WaterTok trend is not only popular amongst teenagers, adults indulge in this trend as well in an attempt to stay hydrated. The trend consists of filling a stainless steel tumble with water and ice, before adding powdered flavorings, syrups, or cordial to make a personalized drink. The goal of this trend is to drink your daily amount of water

  • Skull Breaker Challenge

The Skull Breaker Challenge does not serve any benefits only injuries. It involves three people in a line side by side facing the camera, the person in the middle is unaware that he is about to be tricked into the challenge. The two outside people convince the person in the middle to jump, and while in the air the two on the outside sweep the middle person’s feet from them causing them to fall backward and hit their skull. This challenge has led to many injuries to the skull as well as concussions.

  • Fire Challenge

The Fire Challenge trend features Tiktok users attempting to entertain viewers by setting a part of their bodies on fire before extinguishing the fire quickly. The user applies rubbing alcohol or gasoline onto a body part and set it on fire. Kids have reportedly been several burned or pronounced dead after attempting to complete this challenge.

  • Aerosol Challenge

The Aerosol Challenge consists of TikTok users spraying a highly flammable aerosol spray paint into a lighter. During this challenge, users attempt to entertain viewers by making a makeshift flamethrower. This trend can lead to a structure fire or severe burns to users that could lead to death. In one instance the spray can explode and put a teenager in the hospital after he sustained burning 80% of his body in an attempt to complete the challenge.

  • Cha Cha Slide Challenge

This challenge is considered one of the most dangerous trends due to the challenge being done while driving, videos of this challenge are taken down often. This challenge requires people to drive to the rhythm of a song called “Cha Cha Slide” by DJ Casper. TikTok users are seen in the challenge driving recklessly, steering their cars with the words of the song sliding left and right when the song calls for it.

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