My science helper, Brynna and I are trying an experiment. It’s one you are going to want to try at home. It’s called the milk rainbow. Notice my pan here, take a closer look, we filled it with milk, you’ll notice different blobs of food coloring, make sure you evenly space out the food coloring. Another important ingredient is dish soap. Go ahead and take that cotton swab and dip it into the dish soap, Brynna. Now, what I want you to do is to touch the surface of the milk with the dish soap and let’s see what happens. Pretty amazing! Look at that! We have a rainbow of colors. Pretty cool Brynna! Here’s what’s going on, the milk contains water, proteins, and fats. The milk, the surface, has surface tension. Here’s what the dish soap does, it interacts with the fat in the milk and reduces the surface tension, creating a milk rainbow. For Hooked on Science, I’m Jason Lindsey.