“It’s a sweet treat you might get in your Easter basket, they are called peeps and we are wondering, here in the Hooked on Science Lab, what would happen if you remove all of the air from around the peeps? What do you think might happen Madigan? They’ll expand! They’ll get bigger, turn into pumped up, gigantic, killer peeps! Should I be scared? Okay, maybe not that extreme. That’s what we are going to do with this device, remove the air from around my peeps, inside of this cup. Observe, watch what happens. You’re exactly right, Madigan, they are getting bigger, they are expanding. On the inside of my Peeps we have air and as we suck the air from around those peeps the air inside of the peeps tries to get out, making the peep expand. WOW! Look at that, pretty amazing! What do you think might happen when I let the air back in, Madigan? They’ll deflate! Deflate, get smaller, let’s test your hypothesis, and you’re exactly right. Pretty amazing! When I allow the air to get back in, it takes that pumped up peep and squashes it back down. All about matter, which is anything that takes up space and has mass. Five for science? Five for science? For Hooked on Science, I’m Jason Lindsey.”