AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — When it comes to the City of Amarillo, there are many faces you may recognize. Whether that be the mayor, the police chief, or Amarillo City Manager Jared Miller.

“It goes to that mindset if not me then who, if not now, then when. Who’s going to pick up the ball, if you’re not willing to pick up the ball,” said Miller.

When Amarillo City Manager Jared Miller joined the United States Navy Reserve he was 34 and already the city manager in Crosbyton, Texas. It was something that Miller always wanted to pursue.

Courtesy: City of Amarillo

“Initially as a young man in college when 1991 happened and Desert Storm happened, I had talked to the Marines about going to the Marines and I was just about finished with school, they said it was perfect timing. I told my parents over Christmas and they both just lost it and asked me not to do it. After 9/11, it got to a point in 2003, where it was really heavy on my heart again and I wanted to contribute,” said Miller.

In 2004, Miller would commission into the U.S. Navy where he would train in Pensacola and then be based out to Fort Worth to serve his Reserve time.

Miller focused on Southeast Asian counterterror/antiterror and traveled to many locations in the Asian Theatre, and would later focus on South American territories.

Miller was also deployed to Iraq for a year.

During his time in the Navy Reserve, Miller served as a U.S. Naval Intelligence Officer gathering information and helping support operations.

“Did a lot of interviews with detainees in detention centers to create additional intelligence that we could then use to then follow on targeting operations. Got to interview people out in the field as well on occasion, said Miller.

Miller added the skills he learned to be a leader in the military are unparalleled. He said that not only does this benefit him, but the cities that he serves.

“I think finding a balance of that very forward-leaning leadership style that the military is known for and also balancing that with an awareness and an understanding with a civilian workforce. It’s a good balance for me. It works for me. I won’t say it has made me a better leader than anybody else, but I will say I think I have absolutely benefited from the marriage of civilian leadership experience and military leadership training,” said Miller.

Miller added the City of Amarillo is filled with dynamic individuals who put their lives on the line in protecting the country. Miller said he is so proud to work alongside those individuals.