AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – Building homes to help rebuild lives is the key to Homes For Our Troops. The national non-profit has housed hundreds of severely injured veterans. For the first time, organizers will break ground on a new home for one of Amarillo’s veterans.

Army Specialist Harry Stokes was injured in Panjwai Valley, Afghanistan while serving as a line medic.

“We were doing a company mission, we came across a school, we hunkered down and after we kind of got all of our positions,” SPC. Stokes explained. “I went through a door way they had put IEDs in the door way right where you would step so I stepped it hit it and it went off and I went down.”

Stokes immediately lost his right leg and left foot in the explosion. Doctors ended up amputating his left leg below the knee. After undergoing surgery and physical therapy, stokes now relies on his prosthetic legs to get around his house.

II have a lot of problems with the prosthetics, just getting around doing like normal things not being able to reach the top shelf on things, dishes are another thing, you know chest gets all wet because you’re just right there,” SPC. Stokes explained.

Tom Landwermyer has built hundreds of custom homes in cities across the country for severely injured veterans. This particular new home will have over 40 customizations for Stokes.

“All the doors inside the home are wider than normal,” Landwermyer detailed. One of the unique things about the organization is the veterans tells us where they want to live, we go out and find the land, hire a custom home builder in the are area and then build them a home from the ground up.”

Stokes, who is expecting a new baby and has dreams to own a home brewing business, said the home will lay the foundation for his future endeavors.

“I’ll be able to focus on things I find really important like my family, new baby on the way, I can focus more on starting business,” SPC. Stokes said.

“It really is a moral obligation of the citizens of our country to take care of these troops and their families,” said Landwermeyer.

On Nov. 7, Homes For Our Troops will hosted a community kick off for the groundbreaking of Stokes’ new home. For more information on that event, click here.