J.B. Buchanan Windmill Park in Spearman

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Windmills can be seen at local businesses all around Spearman.

In the 1960s a man by the name of J.B. Buchanan started his windmill collection.  As time went on he realized the collection needed to be passed on.

“He was getting too old to be able to take care of them,” Sam Abston, a  volunteer at the park, stated. 

A group of men decided the collection should remain in Hansford County.
Soon, the collection of Buchanan windmills was soon put on display where they still remain today.

“Every picture you see of spearman texas has a windmill in it,” Abston said.

Today more than 20 of those windmills still stand at the Buchanan windmill park. 

Several of the windmills at the park is what volunteers call one of a kind.

“We’ve also got several windmills that are one of a kind there’s one in the barn that we’re putting together that is actually the only windmill that came from Hansford County.this is the only one we’ve known to exist,” Abston said. 

Volunteers are working hard to keep the park nice for many to see, all while spreading the enthusiasm that many windmill fanciers have.

“We’re hoping that this next fall we can get some of the high school classes to come out,” Abston said.

Those interested in volunteering or taking a tour are encouraged to speak with a caretaker at the park.

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