AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — At the age of 21, Jill Zimmer completed court reporting school and worked for over forty years as a court reporter for two judges in Potter County.

During Zimmer’s time as a court reporter, she saw firsthand the tragedies and joyful moments that happen in the courtroom. Altering her way of thinking.

“You just have a different view of life when you’re in the courtroom all day long,” said Zimmer. “I may be more open about people, and how I think about people. I don’t think that everyone that comes through the court system is bad. I think that they can be rehabilitated, I think that a lot of times people change their lives once they get in trouble. And so that, that is what was always important to me to see the changes.”

After over 40 years as a public servant, Zimmer made the decision to her love for shopping into her next adventure.

Zimmer stated, “I’ve always been a junker. Before I retired my husband and I saw a building for sale on Sixth Street and we went to look at it and I said, I think this is it.”

At the time Zimmer did not know what the building would be, but eventually, she opened Two Loons Warehouse. A gift store with children’s and women’s clothing, toys, home decor and customized gifts.

With Zimmer always having a passion for shopping she shared that the items sold in her stores are usually things that she likes and thinks other people will like too. Zimmer and her partners attend markets to select items for the store.

A special aspect that keeps Two Loons children’s area up to date is Zimmer’s three grandchildren. Who love to ask their ‘Lovie’ if she has certain toys and clothes in her stores.

After the initial success of Two Loons Zimmer opened Neon Moon, a home decor design boutique. Helping make people’s houses a home.

“It’s rewarding to know that, that you’ve succeeded in finding things that people like and people want,” stated Zimmer. “Especially when they find things for their home at Neon Moon.”

One of the many reasons Zimmer was honored as a remarkable woman is her willingness to help strangers in times of need.

According to Zimmer because of where Two Loons is located on sixth street, they meet a lot of people in need of help. In one instance a man needed money to put gas in his car and after the man came in twice Zimmer sprung into action.

“I think that my parents instilled in me just to help who you can, you may not always have money to help people, but you have the gift,” explained Zimmer. “I always say, I’ll meet you at Toot N Totum, two blocks down the street, and I’ll put some gas in your car, if you need gas.”

Another example of Zimmer’s generosity was when she helped a family trying to get their father to chemotherapy. Zimmer and the family faced a significant language barrier but that didn’t stop her from helping.

Zimmer continued, “we had a hard time communicating with them, but the hood was up on their car, and you could tell they were panicked. I tried to get them to come inside because it was warm and outside and they didn’t want to so finally, one of the girls conveyed to me that her dad needs to be at a chemotherapy appointment in 15 minutes or something. I said, I will take you to the chemotherapy.”

Not only did Zimmer make sure the father made it to his appointment, but she also gave his daughter her number so that she could pick them up after.

Having kindness and a servant’s heart instilled in her as a child is a way of life that Zimmer passed down to her children.

“I think that all three of my children have been very compassionate,” shared Zimmer. ” One of my sons is a veterinarian. He’s very compassionate about his love for animals.”

Zimmer’s other son is a business owner who goes the extra mile to take care of his employees.

“He’s very active in the community and you know, I see as he works with his employees, and he has a lot of employees that he will always he will always stop what he’s doing and help them,” said Zimmer.

Zimmer’s sons also help students further their education in honor of their sister’s legacy. The family set up the Kellen Zimmer endowed scholarship for the Texas Tech School of Law.

As the years go by one thing that will remain the same for Zimmer is having a generous heart and being kind to family, friends and strangers.

“Just to help other people when you can, you know, you may not always be able to, explained Zimmer. “But, you know, if I see someone stranded someplace, I’ll always stop and say, can I help you?”

Because that’s just who Zimmer is and something she’s always done.

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