AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Culture can be seen through many aspects like music, dance and food. Mariachi began in Mexico in the early 1800s. Mariachi Sol De America is a local mariachi group that is bringing Mexican culture to Amarillo.

“A mariachi band is a group that represents the country of Mexico, the traditions of its music, everything that Mexico means, many things about Mexico,” said Mariachi Sol De America performer Juan Rodriguez through an electronic translator.

Mariachi Sol De America has been performing since 2012. Rodriguez said that not only does the music represent Mexican culture, but it can also be seen in the clothes the group wears and the instruments that they use.

“Well, to start with our clothing, it is something that represents Mexican culture. Instruments that are made of wood, instruments like these are not found anywhere in the world. These are made especially in Mexico, Pareacho, Michoacan, in Guadalajara, Mexico,” said Rodriguez. “And this is what very much represents what mariachi is. And the garment, as I said, and the songs.”

Members of the mariachi group began playing music as teenagers one of them starting as young as 13 years old. Every member of the group learned from a family member.

“I started when I was 14 years old. Yes, I started going with an uncle of mine, but he sent me with my father-in-law to study. I didn’t really like mariachi, but I like my father-in-law’s daughter and that is why I’m in mariachi,” said mariachi performer Horacio Vasquez through a translator.

Brandon Rodriguez began learning music at 13 years old from his dad Juan Rodriguez. The father and son now perform together for Mariachi Sol De America.

Juan Rodriguez said that when it comes to mariachi, he does not have a favorite part but rather loves being able to showcase the Mexican culture.

“What’s my favorite part? Well, everything. Everything means everything. I don’t have a part exactly. All the music it means is ours. We do it because we like it too. Not because of the work, but because we like it,” said Juan Rodriguez.

To find out more about Mariachi Sol De America, you can visit their Facebook here.

Check out the full performance from Mariachi Sol De America below.

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