AMARILLO, TX (KAMR/KCIT) – Part restaurant and part convenience store, it’s something you don’t see a lot no matter where you are.

But that’s what “North Heights Discount & Café” offers to residents not only of the North Heights Neighborhood but all of Amarillo.

So how did North Heights Discount & Cafe get started?

“This used to be Bob’s Taxi from back in the day and Bob had the taxi service in the front but then he was also cooking in the back. A lot of people didn’t know it. So the thing of it is that we just kind of took his same thing, same idea and just turned it into North Heights Discount with the convenience store and the café in the back to serve the people in the neighborhood,” said Reggie Jones, North Heights Discount & Café Owner.

What’s it like being in the North Heights Neighborhood and bringing something very unique to the neighborhood?

“It’s pretty good. It’s pretty rewarding because it helps the people from the North Heights neighborhood to where they don’t have to go so far because a lot of people in here walk instead of having a vehicle. So with us opening up, we see quite a few people everyday but it’s pretty much the same neighborhood people. That helps us to survive and then the food took off pretty good,” said Jones.

Do you think people might just have some misconceptions about the North Heights neighborhood itself?

“Pretty much when you drive over here. Things haven’t been updated but that’s on it’s way as far as some of the empty houses, the empty lots, things like that. Gentrification is what it is and it’s fixing to take over. That’s going to help a lot and bring more customers,” said Jones.

Would you consider North Heights kind of a food desert?

“Well you know you have us and you have Mr. Delvins. That’s a full-fledged restaurant and he does very well. Then you have another place which is Shi Lee’s and she does very well also. For the most part you don’t have many restaurants over here. So you have a good variety of just between us three,” said Jones.

Covid hit a number of businesses. It didn’t matter who you were. How did it affect you’ll? Were you worried at any point during that?

“Well you know you’re always going to be a little worried but the number one thing is the man above. The good lord, he sits high and looks low and he takes care of all of us. We haven’t went up but we haven’t went down. We’ve pretty much just stayed the same and that’s a blessing in itself. We just thank the North Heights Neighborhood for continuing to come and show support,” said Jones.

Jones says that at the moment they have no plans on expanding, just planning on continuing to serve their customers as best as possible.