KILLEEN, Texas (FOX 44) — AdventHealth Central Texas staff and loved ones, gathered at today’s Black History Month celebration to enjoy live music and listen as guest speakers shared some of their life experiences and accomplishments.

CEO & President Kevin Roberts shared the importance of taking the time to honor and recognize black history from a health care specialist’s perspective.

“Black History Month is an important part of Killeen and our workforce. We have 27% of our team members are of African-American descent and we just like to celebrate diversity as a company, as a hospital, and as a community,” shared CEO & President Kevin Roberts.

Roberts also shared that hosting ceremonies like today’s, is crucial in the health field, highlighting the significance of diversity and respecting the different races and cultures that reflect patients and staff.

With roughly 40 years of practice and involvement with AdventHealth, guest speaker Dr. Charles Mitchell was emotional sharing his testimony and personal experiences that led him to the titles and accomplishments he holds today.

He shared with FOX 44 News why having role models in different fields that represent you are necessary.

“I remember growing up with not very many role models. We had preachers and we had teachers. But when you said I wanted to do something else, go beyond that, there was no way that they could imagine that that could happen. But, we can be inspirational.”

AdventHealth Central Texas hosts events year round that appreciate and honor their diverse work environment.

Dr. Mitchell encourages that people take time to involve themselves with other races and cultures and to be lights shining on others darkness.