AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – Potter County continues to offer help in the form of mental health court.

Judge Nancy Tanner said she has seen a rise in mental health cases and has attributed that to the pandemic.

As of right now behavioral health clinics like Oceans, and Mental Health Clinics like The Pavilion at Northwest Texas Healthcare System, are completely full with patients.

Judge Tanner believes the strain on family and friend relationships with people distancing from one another play a large part in it. Many are dealing with depression from this and for those who had mental health problems before the pandemic the loss of a loved one or isolation can make it worse.

“We had so many people die that has to play on your mind to with some of these people that maybe have mental health issues anyway or even if they don’t this may be the first time,” Judge nancy Tanner of Potter County stated.

Judge Tanner said there were 16 new mental health cases in one day.
Although she understands those who were unable to say goodbye to a loved one and are struggling with not having closure she offered advice to them.

For Potter County residents dealing with these mental health issues she encouraged them to reach out for help and find someone to listen.

Another tip suggested is for people to pay attention to your neighbors, friends, and family who may need a shoulder to lean on.