AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — We are celebrating Hunger Action Month alongside the High Plains Food Bank and Feeding America.

While the HPFB works everyday gathering and distributing shelf-stable food, it also provides freshly prepared meals for kids and at-risk seniors every weekday, through a program called Kids Cafe.

The program provides an after-school meal that fills the gap between free or reduced lunch and breakfast that the kids are able to eat at school.

Schools and after-school programs that qualify to be a Kids Cafe site include schools in which 50% or more of their student population qualifies for free or reduced-price lunch, according to the Texas Department of Agriculture guidelines.

Kids Cafe Compliance Manager William Brown said they work with after-school programs as well as schools, and they work to make the meals enriching in more ways than one.

“We partner with Pastor Mike Garmin to so he provides the after-school program and enrichment activities, and we provide the meals with that,” Brown said.

Between the after-school programs that qualify, the at-risk seniors they are also able to feed, and a self-service refrigerator, the program provides hundreds of meals, every day.

Director of Kids Cafe Maribel Sotelo said they make 900 meals for students, 200 for adults, and anywhere from 50-100 meals at the walk-up service, every day. Sotelo says making all those hot meals every day, requires a team effort.

Staff and volunteers work together throughout the year, to help fight hunger at any stage.

“Hunger can happen at any stage of your life,” Sotelo said. “It can happen in your childhood it can happen in adulthood, food insecurity, in general, is an ongoing issue for most Americans.”