AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Every day is already worth celebrating, informing people about what day of the week a National or International day falls on is just a reminder. Every week we’ll have a full slate of days to celebrate and deals to capitalize on. Last week included National Relaxation Day, National Rum Day, and National Radio Day.

According to Celebrate Every Day the National and International days for the week of August 22.

Monday, August 22

National “Surgical Oncologist Day

Recognizes the accomplishments of every lifesaving surgeon who specializes in aiming to abolish cancer. A surgical oncologist’s mission is to both diagnose cancer and cure it through surgery. They may perform a needle biopsy to take a sample or perform surgery to remove all or parts of the cancerous tissue.

National “Be an Angel Day”

National “Be an Angel Day” encourages people to do good deeds and acts of kindness to others. Supporting those in need and inspiring others to kindness, we display an act of an angel here on earth. The day also recognizes those who’ve been angels to us. Everyone has that angel in their life that can turn their day around. Whether it’s bad news or poor planning, we all have them, today is when we celebrate them.

National “Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

Keep your fluffy house pets feline fine, up to speed, and healthy by scheduling a preventive check-up on National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day, aiming to avoid painful and costly problems in the future.

Tuesday, August 23

National “Ride the Wind Day

Summer coming to an end heading into our next season Ride with the Wind day encourages people to be adventurous. A trip to an aerospace museum, or get flying yourself by scheduling a parachuting or bungee jumping experience, windsurfing, an airplane ride, or similar.

Health Unit Coordinators Day

The world is currently battling with a ton of problems with the pandemic being the most challenging this day is important because it reminds us of the important teamwork taking place in medical facilities and why health unit coordinators are so vital and indispensable.

Wednesday, August 24

Kobe Bryant Day

This day in August honors the 20-year basketball career of Kobe Bryant, this day is celebrated each year in his memory. Kobe Bean Bryant was Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 23, 1978, ironically the day before his national day. Kobe day on 8/24 is an attribute to his two jersey numbers worn during his career #8 and #24. Bryant passed away on January 26, 2020, at age 41.

National “Waffle Day

This day is marked as the anniversary of the first waffle iron patent issued. Waffles can be served in the Belgian way as street food with powdered sugar, or the way Americans know best with syrup and butter, or the way you choose.

Thursday, August 25

National “Kiss And Make Up Day

Let go of petty grudges and drawn-out fights, and Kiss and Make Up with those nearest and dearest to you, whether that’s a sibling, friend, spouse, or anyone else.

National “Banana Split day”

Ice cream is a great treat when standing alone but add a banana cut in half, Three scoops of ice cream, strawberries, chocolate and vanilla, Cherries, Hot fudge, Peanuts, and Whipped cream, and you get a new tastier creation. Legend has it the original banana split wasn’t created in an ice cream parlor but in a pharmacy in 1904. Banana splits were the brainchild of David Evans Strickler, a pharmacist’s apprentice who enjoyed experimenting with new soda fountain sundaes in his free time. 

National “Secondhand Wardrobe Day

On this day people can take some time to do summer cleaning before Fall, donating the clothes that are not needed or wanted. Buying clothes second-hand and donating your used clothing creates a positive cycle that is crucial for cutting back our waste. 

Here’s a list of ten thrift shops in Amarillo, here.

Friday, August 26

National “Dog Day

A man’s best friend should be celebrated every day due to the unconditional love they give their counterparts. National Dog Day was first established in 2004 by pet & family lifestyle advocate Colleen Paige. The aim of promoting this day is to raise awareness about adopting these animals who are currently in rescue centers. In addition, on this day promote dog ownership of all breeds, pure and mixed.

National “Women Equality Day”

Women’s Equality Day commemorates the 26 of August in 1920 when votes for women officially became part of the US constitution. This day marks a turning point in the history of the struggle for equal treatment of women and women’s rights. Women are strong, lovely people that have a plethora of different talents, having the ability to create life is just the most obvious.

In honor of Women’s Equality Day, United Methodist Church in Amarillo will host the 12th Annual Louise Daniel Women’s History Luncheon, Recognizing Women in Real Estate. The event will begin around 11:30 a.m. at the Polk Street United Methodist Church.

For more information visit, here.

Saturday, August 27

National “Petroleum day”

Gas plays a big role in our lives National Petroleum Day might not be the most celebrated this year amid this gas price crisis. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness about industry issues and to recognize the importance and effect of petroleum resources in our lives. 

National “Just Because Day”

National Just Because Day is really a day that people celebrate it offers up an opportunity to do stuff just because. So feel free to celebrate this day any way you choose maybe try something outside of your set daily plans, and live outside the box.

National “Banana Lovers Day”

It’s Bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S day some people refer to it as the world’s first cultivated fruit. Some peel them and enjoy them, some slice them for ice cream, cereal, toast, or bake them into bread. The recipes for bananas are endless and they are a potassium-rich, quick, easy, healthy, and cheap snack.

Sunday, August 28

National “Red Wine Day”

You don’t have to hear it through the grapevine to know that today ushers in the flavors of fall. The signal from the grapes ripening is a time for warmer sips, red wine means tailgating and spicy foods. Red wine day can be used to test the difference between red wines: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot noir, Port, and Syrah.

National “Bow Tie Day

From the normal day-to-day worker to John Wick, a bow time can make anyone look important. Bow ties add a certain class to a suit that a regular tie can’t bring in my opinion. Get dressed to nines with a bow tie today and experience a day of elegance.

Join me again next week ill have another edition with more days to celebrate on