AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Every day is already worth celebrating, informing people about what day of the week a National or International day falls on is just a reminder. International days can be honored by raising public awareness and educating people about specific occasions, subjects, and pressing issues. National days are honored by specific nations and aim to recognize their nationhood, culture, or pressing national issues.

According to Celebrate Every Day the National and International days for the week of August 15.

Monday, August 15


The 15th of August is National Relaxation Day, which encourages us to take it easy. It’s a day to concentrate on caring for ourselves and taking a break.  

We all need a break from our fast-paced, frequently busy lifestyles, thus National Relaxation Day is crucial. Taking the time to rest and renew our worn-out bodies and minds may also assist in lowering various health risks. The idea put forth by the day’s creator was that it’s wrong when too much effort leaves us exhausted, ill, and rundown. Stress has been shown to be detrimental to both physical and mental wellbeing. Many medical professionals encourage finding techniques to unwind.


National Leathercraft Day on August 15th honors the rich heritage, artistry, and skill of leathercrafting. Since ancient times, leather’s adaptability has demonstrated that it can be both aesthetic and practical. Leather changes in the hands of a talented artisan. Leather is used to create some of the most useful and long-lasting goods. A strong saddle or a flexible leather belt serve their intended purpose well. Fashionable footwear and attire frequently serve two purposes: they make us look good and keep us secure. Specialty methods and patterns that have been refined over time give leather goods long-lasting use and wear. And leather is as popular as ever today.

Tuesday, August 16


On National Tell A Joke Day, August 16, all humor aside, go have a laugh and tell some humorous stories. From morning till night, this day will be full of joy and laughter. Written or spoken jokes are amusing tales that frequently conclude with a punchline. While the storyteller may use props or even perform little feats in slapstick, the funniest jokes are typically brief. They incorporate some deception and a punchline that is delivered well. You’ll have more fun, and so will those around you, the more jokes you deliver. Since at least 1900 BC, jokes have been a component of human civilization.


People visit theme parks in droves on August 16th every year to celebrate National Roller Coaster Day and experience a thrill or two. Ride a roller coaster in your area. The day honors Edwin Prescott, who received a patent for the first vertical loop roller coaster on this date in 1898. On a roller coaster, there may be one or more cars on the track. Although they share a concept with railroad systems, the buildings’ inclines and vertical loops aren’t used for transportation. These components increase the thrills that fans of rollercoasters crave!


On August 16, join us for National Rum Day as blended drinks and cocktails make a delectable celebration. Rum is a transparent, distilled alcoholic beverage that is produced as a byproduct of the sugar industry. It can also be produced right from the juice of sugar cane. Most rum is aged in wooden oak barrels after being fermented and distilled. In the US, rum is the third most popular alcoholic beverage. For first and second place, only vodka and all of the whiskeys combined were superior. The spirit is a common ingredient in cool summer cocktails and zesty mixed beverages. That rum conjures up visions of fruity beverages with brilliantly colored umbrellas and sand between their toes. Rum, however, also evokes images of sailors and pirates. That’s because of how rum is made.

According to National Rum Day Deals include:

Applebee’s: The Neighborhood Drink of the Month is the Mai Tai Cocktail: a rum drink with pineapple, passion fruit, orange, black cherry, and lime. It’s available for $1 all August long.

Bahama Breeze: Until Aug. 17, enjoy discounted rum cocktails: $4 Painkillers, $3 Bahama Mamas and $2 Captain & Cokes.

TGI Friday’s: Rum is just one of the many ingredients in TGI Friday’s Long Island Tea. It’s $5 all August long.

Wednesday, August 17


On August 17th, Black Cat Appreciation Day seeks to dispel all myths about black cats. Furthermore, the holiday should not be confused with National Black Cat Day. Aside from superstitions, cats, even black ones, are simply adorable. In their sleek, black coats, these feline creatures may exude mystery. Most cats, however, do. In addition, their ability to find mischief or avoid you is comparable to that of tabbies, cinnamons, gingers, calicos, whites, or grays.


National Nonprofit Day (NND) is celebrated on August 17th to honor the goals and positive impacts that nonprofits have on communities and the world. A volunteer reads to schoolchildren somewhere. A patient receives consistent medication at the same time. A lawyer helps low-income people with legal issues. A nonprofit funeral home ensures that the life of a lost soul is remembered with dignity. A first-time homebuyer also moves into his own home. NND reminds us that the nonprofit sector makes each of these scenes possible. It is the result of the efforts of capable individuals and organizations. Nonprofits help bring awareness, research, and aid to the people who need it the most. Nonprofits also provide enormous benefits to their surrounding communities and the world in general.


Prepare to go thrifting on National Thrift Shop Day, August 17th! Almost every town in America has a thrift shop or secondhand store. So there’s no reason not to rejoice. A thrift shop (also known as a charity shop, hospice shop, second-hand shop, consignment shop, or resale shop) is a retail establishment that sells gently used items. Typically, charitable organizations run the stores to raise funds for the stated charitable purpose of the organization. Some of the items may also be used to assist others in getting back on their feet following a disaster or during difficult times.

Thursday, August 18


On August 18th, National Fajita Day recognizes the sizzling deliciousness of the savory Tex-Mex flavor found in fajitas. In the early 1930s, Mexican vaqueros in Southwest Texas developed what we’ve grown to love all over the United States. Using throwaway cuts of beef, they developed the fajita. 

According to National Fajita Day Deals include:

Chili’s: On Aug. 18, chicken fajitas will be offered as an option in the 3 for $10 lunch special. This special gets you a non-alcoholic beverage, an entree and appetizer for $10.

Fajita Pete’s: Get a free half-pound of chicken fajitas when you order one pound of any fajitas on Aug. 18.

Houlihan’s: On Aug. 18, get the Original Sizzling Chicken Fajitas for just $10 when you dine in. See details.

On the Border: Order the Fiesta Trio and upgrade to steak or shrimp for just $2.


Every year on August 18th, National Ice Cream Pie Day is observed. This is the second ice cream holiday in August, and it celebrates a refreshing frozen dessert available in a variety of delectable flavors. Then there was putting ice cream on pies. The logical next step would be to turn ice cream into pies. Our options are limitless with all of the flavors available! Furthermore, when we consider the various types of crusts to use with ice cream pie, the concept is beyond delightful. For a fall treat, combine graham cracker crusts and maple pecan ice cream. Or a vanilla wafer crust with peanut butter ice cream and bananas – delectable! Your only limitation is your imagination.

Friday, August 19


On August 19th, we celebrate National Soft Ice Cream Day, which provides a tasty way to cool off on a hot summer day. Grab some soft serve, whether in a bowl or on a cone and enjoy! Ice Cream Melting Tom Carvel had a flat tire on Memorial Day weekend in 1934 in Hartsdale, New York. The businessman realized his product was melting after pulling his ice cream truck into a parking lot. Carvel sold softened ice cream to tourists as they drove by.


Oh, potatoes. Every year on August 19th, the humble potato takes center stage. But, in reality, doesn’t it steal the show at nearly every meal? Whether baked, fried, or mashed, these potatoes pack a punch. They are also a common ingredient in many dishes. These versatile root vegetables satisfy and fill us up by filling a void in appetizer dishes and working double duty at suppertime. According to the International Potato Center, there are over 4,000 potato varieties grown worldwide.


On August 19, International Bow Day recognizes the accessory that has been changing fashion for centuries – bows! Adding accessories makes just about any look so much better. During the 18th century, men primarily wore bows. However, as fashion trends changed, women began to wear accessories, too. They chose a variety of fabrics, styles, and sizes to compliment their wardrobe.

Saturday, August 20


National Accessible Air Travel Day, observed on August 20th, emphasizes the importance of accessible air travel for people with disabilities. Today, we emphasize the importance of accessible air travel for people with disabilities. While providing education and recognizing achievements made to assist people with disabilities, the day also encourages everyone to recognize the importance of airplane accommodations in allowing millions of people with disabilities to travel safely.


National Radio Day is observed on August 20th to commemorate the great invention of the radio. Celebrate the broadcast of news, information, music, and stories. In the late 1800s, several inventors collaborated on the development of the radio. Surprisingly, its inception cannot be attributed to a single person. Instead, each component was created through the process of invention and discovery. The radio was born as these technologies converged.

Sunday, August 21


On August 21st, National Senior Citizens Day honors the accomplishments of our country’s more mature representatives. The day allows us to express our gratitude for their dedication, accomplishments, and services throughout their lives. According to the 2017 census, the United States has 47 million seniors. By 2060, that figure will have nearly doubled. Today you could take some time out of your day to spend with your grandparents and those older members of your family. Seniors have a wealth of wisdom to share. Take senior’s friends and family out to eat, or give them a call and get an update on how they’re doing. Seniors are eligible for certain discounts depending on the location.