Report: Texas produces 2nd highest number of pro gamers nationwide



AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Esports gaming has gained popularity around the world, with tournaments becoming an ultimate form of entertainment and competition, and gamers winning millions in prize money.

According to, over 227 million Americans play video games and earn salaries, competition earnings, and sponsorship deals in the process. GetCenturyLink added that the U.S. has the highest number of active eSports players and has earned the highest amount of prize money in 2020.

GetCenturyLink analyzed data from sources including Wikipedia and, and found that Texas produces the 2nd highest number of successful pro gamers nationwide.

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The following findings are based on a detailed analysis of the gaming world in the U.S., according to GetCenturyLink:

  • California has the highest produced eSports players, with 23% of influential eSports players coming from the state. In addition, California has produced the only two female eSports player on the list: Kat Gunn and Vanessa Arteaga.
  • Texas, Florida, and New York tied for second place, with each state producing six successful eSports players. Data found that the larger the population, the more likely a successful eSports player will come from the state.
  • Every state on the west coast has at least one successful eSports player. Maine, Connecticut, South Carolina are the only stated on the east coast that have not produced a successful eSports player. 26 influential eSports players come from the west coast, while 27 players come from the east coast.
  • The most popular game played by eSports players is League of Legends, with 24 players specializing in the game. Super Smash Bros. comes second, with 18 players specializing in the Nintendo fighting game. Other games that are frequently played include, NBA2K, FIFA, and Fortnite.

GetCentury detailed that data was found by using a Wikipedia list that showed the most influential eSports players, which helped find the names of all 102 players from the United States. Wikipedia, Google Search, and was then used to learn where the player is from. The final count excluded eighteen players, as their home states could not be determined.

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