(NBC News) — Friday, a new “Dateline” will reveal surprising and exclusive new details about the deaths and legal cases surrounding Alex Murdaugh, the South Carolina lawyer accused of killing his wife and son last year.

Here is a preview of Craig Melvin’s report:

This is the “low country,” a remote and watery corner of South Carolina. Where Spanish moss hangs from the old oaks that line the streets. Where families trace their lineage back generations. And where a certain family — the Murdaughs — have been caught in a nightmare that seems to have no end.

Alex Murdaugh was once a partner in the family’s century-old law firm. He was rich, successful, powerful, and known to everyone in the low country. And then in June 2021, he dialed 911.

911 CALL: I need the police and an ambulance immediately. My wife and child have been shot badly.

Now Alex Murdaugh is known across America — even the world — thanks to more than a year of coverage that sounds less like a crime story and more like a southern gothic tale of trust and betrayal.

We will cut through the headlines with new interviews from those closest to the tragedies, and scandals surrounding Alex Murdaugh.

JUSTIN BAMBERG: Good lawyers don’t steal their clients’ money, good lawyers don’t betray people’s trust, good lawyers don’t watch you bury your son and then steal your son’s money.

PAMELA PINCKNEY: He painted a pretty picture in front of my presence. But behind my back, it was otherwise

CRAIG MELVIN: So everyone’s always known that he’s not who he pretended to be?

MARTY: Uh-huh.

CRAIG MELVIN: And now the world knows.

MARTY: Now the world knows.

Friday’s “Dateline” looks at the family’s storied history and scandals of the last few years on NBC4 at 9 p.m.

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