(NBC) – NBC’s “Law and Order: Organized Crime” returns tonight with a new, two-hour crossover episode with “SVU.”

One of the co-stars on “Organized Crime” is still getting used to life on the set because it’s her very first professional acting job.

The young actress talks about the sink or swim moment in her very first scene.

Ainsley Seiger jumped into the deep end to start her TV career, her very first scene was one on one with Christopher Meloni.

“I had to be typing on my computer,” said Seiger.  “And my hands were shaking so hard. It was almost imposs… I just did key smash. I didn’t I didn’t even type anything coherent. I was so nervous.”

A recent graduate of North Carolina’s school of the arts Seiger’s a regular on “Law and Order: Organized Crime”.

Playing a genius hacker on a team with detective Elliott Stabler.

“The only thing she’s not quite as well versed in is social cues and the art of holding a conversation with someone in a normal capacity,” revealed Seiger about her character.

Adding some spice to Seiger’s role is her character’s name,“ Slootmaekers.”

“Her last name is Dutch for locksmith,” explained Seiger.

“We pronounce it wrong on our own show,” said Seiger. “We came up with Sloot because it’s just too much of a mouthful to constantly be saying Slootmaekers.”

As the literal new kid on set Seiger’s still a bit overwhelmed by the universe she’s entered.

“I was so nervous to ask for the picture,” said Seiger. “I kind of just like poked my head into a room where she was, and I’m like, Mariska? And she went, we’re taking a picture? She just knew.”

Part of Seiger’s whirlwind introduction to television.

“I really I hit the jackpot and I could not be more grateful,” said Seiger.  It’s such a dream.

Playing a nightmare for the bad guys.

Seiger auditioned for a guest-starring role on “SVU” earlier this season but didn’t get it and figured she probably had no shot to get the job on “Organized Crime” but it worked out.

The two-hour crossover between “Law and Order: SVU” and “Law and Order: Organized Crime”