ARCHER CITY (KFDX/KJTL) — An author and entrepreneur who co-founded the Magnolia home improvement brand now owns a beloved local bookstore.

Archer City officials have confirmed reports that Chip Gaines has purchased Booked Up, Inc., a bookstore renowned by literature lovers and initially owned by the legendary author Larry McMurtry.

Gaines and his wife Joanna founded the Magnolia brand together, and have since risen to fame with their home makeover show, Fixer Upper. They have on multiple occasions purchased historic or iconic buildings and renovated them.

Booked Up, Inc. first opened its doors in 1987 in McMurtry’s hometown of Archer City, where Gaines’ parents also hail from. For over three decades, it has been a go-to place for McMurtry fans and book lovers around the country.

The bookstore has been closed for over a year, shutting its doors shortly after McMurtry passed away at age 84 and converting into an exclusively online store. Since its closure, Archer City residents and McMurtry fans alike have wondered what will happen to the iconic storefront.

At this time, it is unclear what Gaines has planned for the building.

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