AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The Amarillo Symphony announced that Jordyn Dunlap is the first Adeline Roberta Terrell (ART) scholarship winner.

According to an Amarillo Symphony news release, this scholarship is awarded to young Black and Hispanic musicians who want to attend an immersive music camp in the United States during the summer.

The release details that the ART scholarship honors the symphony’s past conductor Jacomo Bairos’s late mother, who had a passion for providing music education to all, especially those who had limited resources.

Officials said the scholarship amount will vary depending on each recipient’s need.

Dunlap is a freshman attending Randall High School who plays the saxophone. She will be attending WTAMU’s Band Camp this summer using the funds of the ART Scholarship.

“The Amarillo Symphony helps develop the next generation of musicians through awards like the Adeline Roberta Terrell Scholarship and we are so pleased to recognize Jordyn Dunlap for her passion and commitment to the saxophone,” says Amarillo Symphony Diversity Committee Chair Shane Williams. “Jordyn’s letter of support notes that she is a leader and mentor among her peers, balancing schoolwork and extracurricular activities such as basketball with practicing her instrument, getting to the band room early to do scales and other warm-up exercises. In her application, Jordyn uses words like ‘joy’ and ‘opportunity’ when talking about music and it brings us joy to provide her with this opportunity to grow and learn as a musician.”

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