Aliens or military? Strange lights spotted off outer banks

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Video of a group of unidentified lights off North Carolina's outer banks has many asking if they were seeing a UFO

(FOX NEWS) — Aliens or the military?

It’s the question many are asking after looking at this video.

Fourteen glowing orbs hovering in the air off North Carolina’s outer banks.

The man recording the footage can be heard saying he’s in the middle of the ocean on a ferry.

He says there is no land or boats nearby and questions what it is?

Online the footage has gone viral with many speculating it’s likely the military.

Several military facilities including Camp Lejeune and Fort Bragg are located nearby.

But others say it’s just more evidence we aren’t alone in the universe.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, North Carolina is considered one of the most active places in the country for UFO sightings.

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