SAN MARCOS, Texas (KXAN) — Winding through the busy city of San Marcos is its cool and calming 72° river.

The San Marcos River is a staple in Central Texas for summer travel destinations.

“You never really see anyone unhappy out here. Always smiles,” said the City of San Marcos Parks and Recreation Marketing and Outreach Coordinator Christie Murillo.

Murillo said the river gets visitors year round, but its busiest time is when the temperature starts heating up.

“By the time we’re at the end of the summer, we have tons of families, tons of community members,” Murillo said. “Everyone’s out here enjoying the river and the parks.”

  • an aerial shot of the San Marcos River
  • people sitting in tubes floating the San Marcos River
  • man paddle boarding at San Marcos River
  • man paddle boarding at San Marcos River
  • people sitting on the rocks by the San Marcos River
  • man catching a fish on the San Marcos River

Water activities

There’s a variety of things people can do out on the water.

“We see a lot of people who do stand up paddle boarding, canoeing, kayaking,” Murillo said.

One of the most popular things is getting a tube to float the river.

Steve Graley is someone who regularly visits the river. He and two of his friends paddle board.

“We try to do it every two weeks,” Graley said.

He said along with the crystal clear water, he loves the connections he makes as well.

“Everybody that we meet here is really friendly,” Graley said.

It brings out people from across the state and the country, as well as some who are closer, like college students from Texas State University.

“The waters really cold but it’s so nice in the summer because it gets super hot. So then you just want to jump in,” said student Miranda Contello.

‘Little to no cost’

The San Marcos River is a place where people can relax and unwind without breaking the bank.

“Parking is free. Visiting our parks is free,” said Murillo.

Murillo said the only thing you might have to pay for depending on where you live, is a tank of gas and food for the day. Because the river is an environmentally sensitive area, Murillo said they ask visitors not bring Styrofoam or glass containers.

Those who want to try tubing or kayaking, but don’t own their own, can rent them nearby. Prices range from less than $20 to more than $60 for longer-day trips and s

Whether its catching a wave on a paddleboard or a fish on a kayak, Murillo said the San Marcos River has something for everyone.