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Destination Texas: Quanah Parker Trail

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QUANAH, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Traveling through the sprawling High Plains, some may notice some 22-foot high arrows sticking out of the ground.

“This is a unique story of a man who adapted to do two different worlds in two different eras,” said Holle Humphries, Quanah Parker Trail Facilitator.

That story belongs to legendary Comanche Quanah Parker. Since 2011, the 100 year anniversary of Parker’s death, the Texas Plains Trail Region with guidance and blessing of Parker’s family, started setting up 22-foot high arrows all across the Texas panhandle.

“Every county that wanted an arrow, had to provide us with some basic information about their Comanche history. That way, we would ensure that that arrow had an authentic reason to be there. The arrow could symbolize either a direct story of Quanah being in that county,” said Humphries.

One of the most historical markers on the trail lies in Hutchinson County, where Parker was heavily active.

“He was in the battle of 1874 against the buffalo hunters at Adobe Walls. We’ve had people come in from as far away as Japan, Australia, and England, to go to Adobe Walls. Love to see more people come,” said Clay Renick, Hutchinson County Historical Museum Director.

That’s just one of the over 70 arrows that can be found on the trail. Whether it be found in the middle of town or off the beaten path, it’s a unique trail for a unique individual and his tribe.

“We can all celebrate that history and honor a people that has kind of gotten a little lost in history. By putting up those arrows, it reminds people that this area, long before we got here, was once the stronghold of the Comanche. The lords of the south plains,” said Humphries.

For more information on the trail and its locations, click here.

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