WEST, TX (FOX 44) – This week’s Destination Central Texas we’re going out west, and we don’t mean the dry part.

The History of West Museum shows the city’s roots in the Czech Republic.

It opened in 2015 so the original families living here since the 1800s have a place to remember their past.

An ancestry wall is inside the museum with the founding community members for guests and relatives to come to visit.

The museum has even had the Czech Republic president visit and other guests from around the world.

“China, Australia, Japan, they just come from all over the United States and all over the world, and we’re still just kind of shocked,” said Georgia Hutyra, History of West Museum Director.

It’s current exhibit, Wild Wild West highlights some less known facts about the city.

From prohibition to moonshine sales, even famed bandits, Bonnie and Clyde, came to frequent the town.

“They made moonshine at Whiskey Hollow. It was an old creek that people knew moonshine was being made there, so they would go and buy their moonshine there,” said Hutyra. “Bonnie and Clyde knew about it, so they would go there and get their moonshine.”

Interactive parts children can enjoy range from digging for gold in Hooker Cave, to picking the locked safe of town founder Thomas West.

“The people that donated to us don’t know the combination, so we always tell the kids that come in here that we just know it’s full of gold down there,” said Hutrya. “If they are able to open it, they can have half the loot that’s in there.”

The Wild Wild West exhibit will be open until the end of November and the museum is always open to hearing ideas from the community on future exhibits to hold.

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