WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – In this installment of Destination Central Texas, we explore a museum which delves into the history of something started in Waco – and is now known around the world.

What started out as Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Store became home of several soft drinks – including Texas’s own Dr. Pepper.

Charles Alderton was a pharmacist who not only mixed medicine for customers, but found a love for mixing syrup flavors – which led to the unique flavor of Dr. Pepper.

The drink was created and manufactured right here in Waco starting in 1885. Now, over a century later, this historic factory and museum draws people in from all over the world.

“We have two buildings full of really cool exhibits to see,” says Mary Beth Ferrell, Director of Development and Communications. “We are a history museum. So that’s what people come here to do, is to learn the history of Dr. Pepper.”

There is a lot of history indeed – with the preservation of the famous pharmacy where people can browse the syrup medicines on display, see the evolution of the individual Dr. Pepper drinks, and see the artisan well used to draw water for manufacturing the drink.

The original equipment in the bottling plant is still intact – with pictures honoring some of the first bottling employees.

“That building was not meant for 200,000 people to be coming through it every year,” said Farrell. “So we are always doing maintenance, writing grants and getting funding to help preserve our building.”

The independent museum does not just teach the history of Dr. Pepper, but all the related soft drinks – including Big Red and 7up.

If you are feeling inspired to invent a drink of your own like Alderton, there is a place to let your creative juices flow – literally.

“Our ‘Make Your Own Soda’ experience is extremely popular, said Ferrell. “People love to come and try their hand.”

Whether you are a Texan or from out of the state, the Dr. Pepper Museum should definitely be on your bucket list to visit.

“You don’t get alot of experiences where you get to come and be in a place where something was really made, and where it started,” said Ferrell.

For more information about the Dr. Pepper Museum, you can visit its website.