Carden Circus Spectacular Sweepstakes

Contest Winners

BisonFest Winners
Adrienne Bean
Carrie Lingle
Norma Perez
Jaclyn Stamp
Matt Neusch
Mike Reynolds
Stacy Gleaton
Zachary Brazan

2019 Balloon Fiesta Sweepstakes
Brittney Kiewiet

Mel Robbins National Sweepstakes
Melissa Liles
Marion Simpson

WWE Live Sweepstakes
Katie Sanchez
Rachel Martinez
Natalie Saldana
Darrell McElreath

High Country Chevy Cowboys Giveaway
Blanco Castillo

Auto Racing Challenge 2019
Paul Blankenship

Home for the Holidays Contest
Brenna Madrid
Minot, North Dakota
Kimberly Clark – Local Winner

Sesame Street Live Contest
Alicia Snelgrooes
Terry Lawrence
Brian Thomas
Kayla Garcia
vanessa harrison
Heather Sanders
June Sliter
Jeannie Williams
Jessica Neel
Brandi Cooper
Sally Romero
Cherie Gillespie
Daniel Henderson
Traci Douthit
Holly Black

Santa’s Workshop 2019
Juan Lozano
Christopher Worden
Ryan Wilson
Terry Lawrence
David Bird

KAMR Christmas Lights Contest 2019
Brenda Overall

The Super Proposal
Reed Sturgess and Amanda Wylie

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