Two ECISD students have been arrested and charged after two separate incidents.

ECISD says on Wednesday a 5th grade girl at Ireland Elementary pointed at students in her class, as if she had a gun, telling them she would bring a gun to school and shoot them. ECISD says Students in the class told the teacher, who reported it immediately. She has been charged with threat or exhibition of a weapon on school or bus grounds.

ECISD also says on Wednesday a 6th grade boy at Nimitz Middle School told one his friends he was planning to shoot up the school tomorrow. Like the Ireland student, the boy from Nimitz was arrested for the same criminal charge.

ECISD said in a statement that it “takes every instance like this seriously and, if substantiated, a threat like this will result in criminal charges and school discipline. We are experiencing an increase in this type of behavior and it will not be tolerated. We are thankful for those who step forward to report these comments, and we will continue to emphasize that the appropriate consequences will result from threats to the school, students or staff members.”