AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Thursday night severe weather brought heavy rain and high winds that led to flooding.

Home and property damage led to an increase in the need for insurance agents and repair companies.

According to West Texas Mesonet, there were between one to four inches of rain in parts of Amarillo, which led to flooding on the roads and causing several accidents.

“During things like floods yesterday, there was a lot of hydroplanes and water that was built up,” said State Farm Agent Jason Chafe. “So, you see a lot of car comprehensive claims for flooding and then, of course, this is hail season. This is a big time where all of us get prepared.”

Chafe adds the best way to prepare for weather emergencies is by having an emergency fund.

“It’s not talked about a lot but having an emergency fund for deductibles situations like that,” said Chafe. “Where you’re going to have to purchase a deductible through a roofing company, or through a body shop. I think anybody should be able to sit down with an agent being able to go over a budget.”

Chafe recommends having two to three months’ worth of emergency funds.

During this time insurance companies work with other repair companies to provide quality customer service.

Carpet Tech spent the day responding to calls throughout the city, especially focusing on sanitation.

“Mainly with this, it’s how nasty and dirty the water is,” said Carpet Tech Site Manager Colton Long. “It’s not clean fresh water from a pipe, it is rainwater that is passed through dirt and grass and then into your home. That’s pretty much the worst of it and getting all that out of there, sanitizing it, and then cleaning up when it’s all said and dry.”

Long shared that before and after storms it’s important to check every part of your home and business to ensure flooded areas have dried.

“Locate any low points, make sure there’s no water coming in,” said Long. “Today, we still have fluids trickling in 16 hours after the fact. Always do a quick perimeter of your house, and make sure that all your closets are dried.”