AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Catholic Charities of the Texas Panhandle “Interfaith Hunger Project” provides a free monthly supply of food to those who are on a fixed income and either disabled or aged 50 and over.

The program helps those in need by providing a grocery store and a monthly allotment to those that qualify.

“We have been around for quite a while actually. It started off in just a small house. Just kind of like a small closet” said director of community services, Chris Flores. “Helping people get extra food that they needed. And it has grown now into taking up a gym-size store. Helping people get what they need.”

Flores talked more about the process for the people shopping in the store.

“It’s a pantry but we call it a store. It really is that feeling of people coming in. They get what need just like a store. They check out just like a store. The only difference is there is no exchange of money,” said Flores. “They get certified, it’s a monthly allotment. And they come in once they use their points, they are good for the month, and it will just reset to the next one.”

The organization just finished its “Salt and Pepper” luncheon fundraiser to help restock the store and Flores said that it was fun to see everyone come together at the luncheon and support a great cause.

“We also do monthly drives. So, right now we have several drives at different churches. Different community organizations and different companies and things. Where we will do ‘Barrels of Hope’ and ‘Bags of Hope’. So that is basically where people decide what they want to give, “said Flores. “We check out some barrels or bags and they fill them up and bring them back. Then we restock the pantry that way.”

Flores added that before he began working at the “Interfaith Hunger Project” he did not know that there was such a need in the community. He goes on to say that having this resource allows those in need to not have to worry about extra costs for essentials such as food and household items.

“A lot of our clients are seniors. So, we are really focused on helping our senior community. And now that they can have us, or resources like us. They don’t have to worry about making a choice between medicine and food, or a doctor’s visit and groceries,” said Flores. “So, it is cool that we are here to help alleviate that stress.”

For people looking to donate or to see if they or someone they know qualify for the program.

You can find more information on their website.

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