AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — This August, NBC’s Clear the Shelters initiative is back in an effort to give more pets a forever home, and Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare is taking part again!

This year, they are even offering adoption specials to help more pets find loving homes.

Kayla Sell, AMW’s outreach manager, said they have plenty of adoptable animals in need of homes.

“So, we have about 300 animals here at the shelter on any given day and probably 150 of them are available for adoption, so definitely need people come out and help give them forever homes,” Sell said.

Typically, dogs are up for adoption for $35. But during the month of August, dog adoptions are just $25, including spay/neuter, vaccines, and a microchip. For cats, the adoption fee is just $5, including all of those extras.

Because the shelter is so full, every adoption matters.

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“So one way we try to alleviate that is through adoption and luckily, our office has moved from intake where we were doing intake and adoptions in the same same space. And unfortunately, it was mixing a lot of happy and a lot of sad at the same time,” said Sell. “So we have our own space now and it really has tripled our adoption numbers by moving to our new office and that opened probably a couple months ago.”

Sell said AMW has put a lot of focus on marketing. She said every animal that comes into the shelter goes through a 72-hour stray hold before it becomes available for adoption.

“What my team does is we bring we bring in the animal, we do a glamour shot for them, we write a personality profile, we do a behavior assessment, and that has really helped people looking on our website and you know, going through the shelter,” she said.

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While they encourage adoptions, they also want people to do their research to avoid having to bring pets back to the shelter or rehome them.

“Do your homework on what animals need and what you can provide for them, then come to the shelter,” she said. “You can definitely come to the shelter and visit during our business hours and if you see one that you like, you just set up an appointment and my team will bring the animal out, you’ll get one on one with them for 30 minutes and you get to ask all the questions yet you need to ask and hopefully, take them home.”

AMW is also in need of donations and volunteers.

“We have a volunteer program dedicated to enriching the animals’ lives while they’re here. The volunteers will help give out Kongs, walk them, things like that. So if you’re not looking to take in a dog, maybe you can come out and just help out enrich their lives.”

Sell said the shelter is always in need of dog and cat food and treats. But there are other ways the community can help save the lives of animals, too.

Spaying and neutering is really going to be the best way to prevent pet overpopulation. It’s something we can’t really adopt ourselves out of, but we’re really hoping that this initiative, this campaign will at least kind of give us a break for our resources and from a staff standpoint,” she added.