AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Clear the Shelters continues! This week the KAMR team went out to Canyon to visit the Dove Creek Equine Rescue.

The organization’s mission is to “Rescue, Rehabilitate, Retrain, & Re-home horses who need a second chance in life, creating an authentic partnership between horse and human, inspiring compassionate change in our world.

Ali McEwen, Volunteer Coordinator at Dove Creek Equine Rescue, shared that Clear the Shelters provides her team the perfect opportunity to raise awareness.

“Not only, one, how special it is to adopt a horse and how hard it is to run a facility like this, but number two, how hard it is to for us to seize a horse and get a horse out of bad conditions and they’re considered farm animals. So it’d be the same as a chicken or a goat,” explained McEwen.

Due to the size of their animals, McEwen shared that they encourage the public to drive out to their facilities to meet the horses.

McEwen continued, “Our job is to try to bring them down here, see what we’re about. Come visit the horses that we do have adopted- for adoption, and also the horses that are waiting to come in.”

However, before setting up a two-year adoption contract, McEwen and the volunteers like to ensure it is a good match between the potential owner and the animal.

“So we evaluate that- the trainer, then we’ll go in the round pen with them, work with them, ride with them in there, ride with them out, we make sure it’s a really good fit.”

Additionally, McEwen stated that for anyone who wants to support their organization, but is not looking to adopt, there are other options, such as volunteering and donating.

For a link to the adoption forms, click here. To take a look at the Dove Creek Equine Rescue’s animals ready to be adopted, click here.