AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Clear the Shelters is in full swing! This week, the KAMR Local Four team is working to help “Clear the Shelters” with Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare.

Kris Shaffer, Assistant Director at Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare, shared that there is a need to spread the word that there are so many great animals waiting to be adopted. What better way to try and help with that than with Clear the Shelters?

“That’s always been a really good time to kind of raise awareness to the fact that there are all these adoptable animals out there in the world, and that they need homes,” said Shaffer.

For anyone looking to adopt, AAMW has both cats and dogs ready to be adopted.

In fact, Shaffer stated, “I think we’re sitting at about 200ish dogs, and maybe about 70 cats, but that can.. and that puts us well above capacity for dogs, and nearly at capacity for cats.”

Throughout the month of August, AAMW ran a special on cat adoptions, which Shaffer described as “wildly successful.” He went on to say, “Unfortunately, where we’re at right now with dogs is that we do have a handful of dogs, about 40, that are adoptable.”

However, due to a community-wide outbreak of distemper, public access to the shelter is limited and appointments are now required. Before making an appointment, the website for AAMW provides a full page of photos of animals that are ready or that will soon be ready to be adopted.

“So, if you go online to the to the website, you’ll see that each dog has an available date in front of their name. So it literally says ‘available’, the date, and then Bowser. And that is the date of his third booster shot, his or her third booster shot, and that is the date that they’re available for adoption. So what we’re doing is we’re bringing them in, and we’re giving them that booster when they come in for the Parvo and the distemper, and then two weeks later they get another and in two weeks later, they get another, because the vets that we’ve been consulting with say that that’s kind of the best practice in such close quarters, in a sheltered environment,” said Shaffer. He continued, “So then on- when that third one, when they get that one in, that’s when we’re gonna adopt them out.”

The sooner an appointment is made, the sooner you can meet the newest addition to your family!

Shaffer went on to say, “A shelter animal is just such a such a good thing to have in your life. They’re so grateful and you’ll take them home and they’ll love you forever.”

For further adoption information, click here.

To fill out an AAMW contact form, click here.