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Trust Your Supplier and Signzy Partner to Revolutionize AI-Powered Digital Onboarding and Identity Verification

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Signzy Logo

Two innovative companies join forces to streamline supplier lifecycle and risk management, enhancing data security and compliance for global organizations

The efficiencies of this partnership will provide a best-in-class solution, leveraging the largest global API marketplace, to enable suppliers through reduced costs and automated workflow processes.”
— Ankit Ratan
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 17, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Trust Your Supplier, an innovative supplier information network, and Signzy, a leading AI-based digital onboarding and risk management solution provider for both retail and financial institutions, are excited to announce a partnership agreement, aimed at revolutionizing the way large enterprises manage their customer application process and identity verification. This strategic collaboration provides a single point of transparency, visibility, and risk assessment during supplier onboarding and throughout the supplier lifecycle. Signzy’s global scale, onboarding four million customers daily, furthers Trust Your Supplier’s ability to provide cutting-edge digital transformation to their customers.

Signzy, an expert in digital onboarding and risk management, brings cutting-edge technology to the partnership, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced security for all participants in the network. Their innovative solutions help businesses reduce costs, avoid complexity, and increase the speed associated with customer onboarding by utilizing innovative solutions in their procurement processes. This includes global business account verification, focusing on bank account verification in the US, Canada and the UK.

"This partnership will ensure enhanced data security and compliance for global organizations,” said Gary Storr, General Manager of Trust Your Supplier. “Our combined expertise will enable businesses to effectively manage supplier lifecycles and mitigate risks across various business divisions, ultimately making the procurement process more transparent and resilient."

Trust Your Supplier's patented blockchain-based Supplier Information Management (SIM) system offers supplier discovery, onboarding, risk and compliance management, customized risk scoring, intelligent workflows, approval management, risk intelligence reporting, unparalleled data security, and seamless integrations with other back-end and procurement stack technologies. This comprehensive solution enables organizations to effectively manage supplier lifecycles and reduce risk across various business divisions.

“We at Signzy are very excited to be working with a global leader like Trust Your Supplier to enable suppliers with a premium AI-powered digital onboarding experience,” said Ankit Ratan, CEO and Co-Founder of Signzy. “The efficiencies of this partnership will provide a best-in-class solution, leveraging the largest global API marketplace, to enable suppliers through reduced costs, automated workflow processes and an improved user experience for both customers and relationship managers alike. With our global presence and proven track record of being able to onboard 4 million customers daily, we are confident this will be a strong company synergy now and for years to come, as both companies continue to grow with one another.”

This collaboration will deliver a unified, secure, and efficient solution for managing bank account data and validation, ultimately streamlining procurement processes and enhancing data security and compliance for global organizations, such as IBM, Lenovo and Red Hat. As the business landscape continues to evolve, this partnership stands as a testament to the commitment of Trust Your Supplier and Signzy in driving innovation and providing transformative solutions for the challenges faced by enterprises today and in the future.

About Trust Your Supplier
Trust Your Supplier is a blockchain-based, decentralized platform that simplifies and accelerates supplier onboarding, validation, and lifecycle information management for buyers and suppliers. By leveraging blockchain technology, the TYS platform provides a trusted, secure, and immutable record of supplier information, helping organizations reduce risk, improve efficiency and build stronger relationships with their suppliers.

With Trust Your Supplier, buyers can streamline their supplier onboarding process, reduce manual errors and eliminate redundant data requests. In contrast, suppliers can easily manage and maintain their information in one centralized location, reducing the burden of compliance and administrative tasks.

Our platform is the result of a collaboration between IBM and Chainyard, bringing together decades of experience in enterprise technology and supply chain management. Our mission is to provide tools and data for organizations to efficiently partner with trusted suppliers, mitigate risk and ensure compliance. For more information, visit www.trustyoursupplier.com.

About Signzy
Signzy is a leading global AI-powered digital onboarding provider that offers a wide range of solutions, helping businesses and financial institutions automate their customer onboarding, compliance and verification processes.
We help streamline onboarding processes, reduce the time and cost associated with manual processes and ensure that businesses are fully compliant with all regulations and industry standards. Signzy's solutions use advanced security measures to protect sensitive customer data, preventing fraud and cyber attacks.

At Signzy, we are dedicated to helping businesses digitize and automate their customer onboarding and verification processes, reducing onboarding and underwriting costs, while ensuring compliance, security and a positive customer experience. For more information, visit https://www.signzy.com/us/.

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