9 Exclusive: Attorney General Ken Paxton talks impacts of illegal immigration, “The harm is the massive increase in crime.”

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EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – The Attorney General for Texas, Ken Paxton made a stop in the El Paso, this week to meet with supporters and visit the Southern border barrier where he announced his latest lawsuit against the Biden Administration.

While AG Paxton was in the Sun City, we were given an exclusive one on one interview, during which he talked about the surge of migrants that continue to arrive at the U.S -Mexico border saying that the crisis that the country is experiencing is one that was created by the Biden administration.

AG Ken Paxton concerned about taxpayer dollars, asylum changes, unfinished border wall

Paxton said that Biden’s decision to eliminate Trump era immigration policies which he said were working, sent a message to everyone in the world that the borders were wide open for anyone who wanted to cross. He told us that his office is now having to fight the Biden Administration legally in order to stop the flow of illegal migrants and protect the American people.

“They’re ignoring federal law, they are ignoring court orders. They are saying listen we govern this we make the decisions, nobody else has control we’re going to do whatever we want no mater what the harm is to the american people and the border. We’re going to do it anyway.” Attorney General Paxton said.

When asked what that harm is, he responded with specific examples

“The harm is the massive importation of drugs. The cartels are now getting more Fentanyl in which kills people. You’re talking about a massive increase in crime all over the country but particularly at the border,” He continued, “You got the cartels having much more control and more access, to not just the border, but now all over the country because they’re human trafficking. These people are having to pay a lot of money to get in, and that all goes to the cartels.”

Texas Attorney General Paxton

Paxton also said he is concerned about the spread of Covid-19 as the migrants that are coming across the border may be spreading the disease,

“They’re not testing them [the illegal migrants] and they’re not vaccinating them and they’re sending them all over the country. Supposedly the administration cares about that but it doesn’t really look like it from their acts.”

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) released the latest numbers for migrant apprehensions on Friday noting that more than 190,000 migrants were encountered at the Southern Border in the month of September alone, bringing the total for Fiscal Year 2021 to a record of more than 1.7 million migrants.

In addition, according to the DEA, Fentanyl seizures are up more than 524% which they said was also “unprecedented.”

El Paso DEA: Fentanyl smuggled across the border at historically high levels

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