David Gay

David Gay is a digital reporter for MyHighPlains.com.

Originally from Cypress, Texas, a suburb of Houston, David first came to Amarillo in 2019, working at a local newspaper. David then made the jump into television, coming to work for KAMR Local 4 News in August 2021. Since then, David has continued to provide coverage on Amarillo politics, local city/county government, local education and various court cases.

David, who describes himself as being “6’3″ and maintaining a very consistent panda bear shape,” is a 2019 graduate of Texas Tech University. While he went to class most of the time, David spent the majority of his time in Lubbock at Texas Tech Baseball games, going to movies at the Alamo Drafthouse and playing trombone in the Goin’ Band from Raiderland.

In his spare time, David likes going to as many concerts as possible (especially Phish and other jam band shows), watching the Houston Astros, going to movies and spending time with friends and family. David also drinks a lot of coffee, eats a lot of pizza and enjoys exploring different towns throughout the Texas Panhandle.

Other facts David wanted to include:

David is a twin and his brother also works as a journalist in Ohio.

David’s favorite Phish show is 7/22/97 in Raleigh and David’s favorite Grateful Dead show is 6/9/91 at Buckeye Lake.

David’s Wu-Tang Clan name is Bittah Demon

David is proud of his work plant named Bruce, named after Bruce Hornsby.

“Whatever You Do, Take Care Of Your Shoes”

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