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La Niña is Over: What Does That Mean for Our Area?

AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR) - La Nina is officially over and if you're not a weather expert, that means nothing to you, but meteorologists said it's great news for our critically dry area.

So we hear the word La Nina & El Nino out a lot but do people really know what it means?

"I think of linearity and math. I've never heard of La Nina," said Lauren Baum.

"When I hear Nina I think of small or weather pattern so something to do with the weather that's all I know," said Ty Lovell.

"I think of weather because El Nino probably, so that might not be correct. But possibly or a little girl's name," said Alicia Raffkind.

Two out of three is not bad, but let's bring in the experts.

"It typically means that once we go out to a neutral pattern, that over time if you use history as a guide we'll go back to a normal pattern locally, that means we can have more in the way of rainfall a normal temperature pattern and basically it's sending us back to a direction that we like," said John Harris, Chief Meteorologist.

He said that's because we're going to have better chances for precipitation. 

Which is great news for us.

"If it actually ends up going this direction is that with the fact that we're now in a neutral phase this is marrying up with our traditional wet summer season of June, July, and August. June is the wettest believe it or not is the wettest month of the year and so if we get back to a normal pattern during the summer months that will help us out a lot," said John.

John said there's some indication from the Climate Prediction Center that when we transition into fall, there's one out of two chances that El Nino will come back into play. And when that happens like years past, he said it means a wet and snowy winter.

But John said it doesn't mean we'll be out of a drought just yet. 

He said it's going to take probably a couple of years for that to happen.

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