The Circle of Life

I saw lots of newborns last week for their first post hospital visit…always a favorite of mine. The one thing that I am beginning to realize (after lots of years of practice) is that parenting really is like "The Lion King".  Remember the song, "Circle of Life"? What a moving song about family by Elton John.

Don't you agree?  You have a new baby and suddenly you are a parent…..and your job is to take care of your newborn, right?   But, it is all a bit overwhelming, not to mention exhausting, and who is going to take care of you?  This is the part where the husband/dad steps in and their responsibility (at least early on) is to not only help take care of the baby, but to take care of wife and mother who just delivered a baby!  Dad's job is to make sure baby is diapered and comforted and to help with feeding (not as feasible if mother is breast feeding), but also to make sure that new Mommy is eating and resting. New moms need to eat (and sleep when they can) to ensure that they are making breast milk and healing post-delivery. This is even truer if mommy had a c-section.

OK, so now who is taking care of dad…this is where grandparents and family members should step up.  Food brought to the house, grocery shopping, helping with anything and everything is what a new Daddy needs too.  This is really great when family lives close by, but if not…then what.

Friends!  Another song "That's What Friends are For", springs to mind.  Good friends help out as well by bringing by meals.  You can't have enough help with meal preparation when you are new parents and just knowing that food is going to be dropped by is a HUGE relief.

So, let people help you start your "Circle of Life" and know that you will reciprocate one day as well. 



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