Fever Frenzy

More about fever and all of those fears and myths.  

Treating the symptom of fever simply makes your child feel a bit better, it does not make them get better faster nor does it mask other symptoms. I see many parents not treating their child's fever before bringing them to the office as they "want me to see how sick they are".  Giving your child acetaminophen or ibuprofen will make them feel better and in turn "not look quite as sick", but your doctor wants to see this behavior as it is reassuring. I promise you, I believe the mother who says to me, "his temp was 103.8 an hour ago!". But seeing that child now playing with their parent's cellphone  and eating one of those pouches (another topic), reassures me that this child is most likely not extremely ill.  Treating a fever does not mask the symptom of meningitis, or appendicitis, you have to trust me on that. 

Some parents have been told by grandparents and others that a fever means that your child can't have milk or dairy products.  Again, if the only thing your child wants when they have a fever is a milk shake, let them have it. I am just concerned that a child is getting fluids when they have a fever, and it really doesn't matter what that fluid is.  Food when you have a fever?  Sure, if your child wants to eat, great!  But, remember how your own appetite usually diminishes when you are sick (sad but true, good for quick weight loss).  Your child can go days without eating and be just fine as long as they are drinking.  Push popsicles, jello, juice, ginger ale, etc.  No rules about "healthy" when your child is sick....back to healthy eating rules once they're child well.  

Lastly, you cannot feel your child's head or chest and know what their body temperature is.  I can often tell a child has a fever by their heart rate, which goes up as your body temperature goes up, but even after more than 25 years of practice and raising 3 kids I cannot feel a forehead and be accurate.  So.....go buy a thermometer. I still like the "cheap' digital ones, but you can buy the temporal thermometers or otic ones, whatever you prefer.  If your child is sick and you think they have a fever, take their temperature to document fever. You don't need to do it all day long, or wake them up at night, but it is important to document at least once a day.  

Lastly, no school, day care or going places when your child has a fever. Please keep them home for 24 hours fever free, to help not spread their illness.  This is fact!

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