Father's Day

With Father's Day approaching, I always have frequent thoughts of my own father. He has been deceased for quite some time and I am saddened (especially at this time of year) that he did not get to see his grandsons become young adults. He would have been so proud of them and in many ways they are like him. 

One of the many exceptional attributes that my dad possessed was the ability to FIX ANYTHING!  I grew up not knowing about the Maytag Man, the plumber or the electrician as my dad fixed the washer, the electrical socket or the garbage disposal.  Of course, like most homes, there was always a running list of things to be fixed. 

Because my dad was often gone for long periods of time (he worked for the government in intelligence) my mother would say we would "have to wait for your father to return" to fix whatever it was, and when dad returned he would get right to work. If he didn't know how to fix something he somehow figured it out and that was before you could "GOOGLE IT"!  I remember him painting the house, building our downstairs rec room and taking apart an early computer just to see how it worked. 

Being able to "fix" things must somehow be a genetic link as I now see this trait in several of my own children (you know who you are). When I was a newlywed I was shocked to learn that not all men had this gene.  When something broke in the house I would automatically tell my husband and he would lovingly attempt to "fix it". But, what I quickly learned was that while my husband has many wonderful traits he did not inherit the "fix it gene". Many a repair man has been called to our home to "fix" the problem created by my loving husband who attempted home repairs. 

But several of my boys loved to watch their grandfather fix things and take things apart. As they got older, they would come to the rescue to help around our house with the laundry list of issues and repairs.  

Many of the issues these days revolve around technology and they all inherited their grandfather's technology "fix it gene" as well. Unfortunately, they are not in the next room any more to call upon when I have no idea why my computer is frozen or when I cannot even turn on my iPod to play music in all of the rooms of the house. 

So as we approach this Father's Day I am thankful for all of the lessons learned from my own father, and for his "fix it gene".  But, with all of the boys out of the house, I now have a handyman on speed dial. 

Happy Father's Day!

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