Tori Spelling Gets Crafty with Candy Corn

- Just like pumpkins and haunted houses - candy corn is synonymous with Halloween; and, as soon as candy corn appears on store shelves, you know its time to start decorating your home with the spirit of Halloween. Sure candy corn satisfies your sweet tooth, but this colorful cone shaped confection is also the perfect inspiration to create Halloween crafts.

Mom, TV personality and entertaining guru, Tori Spelling, has partnered with Starburst® Candy Corn to bring an exciting new twist to tasty Halloween crafts. 

Some of the fun, easy-to-create candy corn crafts Tori loves are:

Crispy Candy Corn Treats:  These creative treats can be formed into all of the iconic Halloween shapes, from pumpkins to witches hats and are not only great to look at - but also delicious to eat.

Bright Centerpiece:  Go beyond the pumpkin centerpiece and brighten up your Halloween table with candy corn mum balls.

Candy Jewelry:  Learn how to create unique necklaces and bracelets with candy corn. These eye-catching accessories will make you the best dressed at any Halloween celebration.

Visit for more information on these tips as well as more Halloween decorating and hosting ideas.

About Tori Spelling:
Tori Spelling is an actress, producer, crafting and entertaining enthusiast, as well as the best-selling author of celebraTORI, which teaches readers how to unleash their inner party planner. Her new book, Spelling It Like It Is (to be released in October), gives a behind the scenes look at one of Hollywoods favorite moms as she juggles life, love, style and family.

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