Spicy Mike's Taos Special

The "Taos Special" was recognized recently by Texas Monthly Magazine as an honorable mention in the Texas Best BBQ Sandwich category. The second sandwich is called the Hamma Anna. 

Excerpt from Texas Monthly:

Mike Havens doesn't use brisket in his chopped beef sandwiches. He grabbed a chunk of smoked bottom round (which tends to be a bit drier than brisket), and placed it on the cutting board along with a couple spoonfuls of green chilies. Those chilies find their way into plenty of other menu items, and they're the reason he calls this one the Taos, after the city in New Mexico. It all goes onto a bun and is topped with your choice of barbecue sauce. At Spicy Mike's, you choose the spicy sauce.

7028 S Western Street
(806) 358-8550 

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