La Fiesta's Jalapeno Stuffed Shrimp

Jalapeno Stuffed Shrimp

Raw shrimp
Jack cheese
Mesquite seasoning


Prep Work:
Shrimp-peel, de-vein & pull tails off
Julienne jalapenos
Shred jack cheese
Cut bacon strips in half

1.  After you have prepped all the ingredients, place a jalapeno strip on the de-veined part of the shrimp, add a little bit of shredded jack cheese, wrap in bacon.
2.  Once you have assembled all of the shrimp, heat sauté pan on medium high heat. Make sure it is not too hot, the bacon will burn and the shrimp will be raw.
3.  Season with mesquite seasoning, cook on one side until golden brown, flip and cook on other side until golden brown.
4.  De-glaze pan with tequila, allow cooking until alcohol burns off.  Be careful de-glazing as tequila may cause flames to flair.
5.  Serve hot or at room temperature.

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