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Zac Wilkerson Set to Play Discovery After Dark's Musicology Event

<div>Discovery Center After Dark Presents:<div>Musicology<div>- Friday<div>- 806.355.9547<div>- $45 for Non-Members / $35 for Members<div>- www.dhdc.org<br><div><span style="line-height: 1.22;">Homer's Backyard Ball</span><br><div>- Saturday<div>- I-40 and Whitaker Road<div>- $25&nbsp;<div>www.homersbackyardball.com
Discovery Center After Dark Presents:
- Friday
- 806.355.9547
- $45 for Non-Members / $35 for Members
- www.dhdc.org

Homer's Backyard Ball
- Saturday
- I-40 and Whitaker Road
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