WT's Mustaches Have Them Riding High

WT's Mustaches Have Them Riding High

The WT football team has grown mustaches as a sign of unity.

The West Texas A&M football team has looked a little different lately.  In the last three games the Buffs are undefeated, they've averaged 36 points per game, and the defense has given up just 16 points per contest.

Interim head coach Mike Nesbitt credits his teams practice habits for their recent run of success.  "It's all the work you put in. We're playing well right now because we're practicing good. That's so simple to say it, but we're practicing good now on tuesday's and wednesday's and thursday's. In the two games we dropped, we didn't practice good those two weeks," says Nesbitt.

But KAMR NBC 4's Michael Spencer decided to investigate and found out there is something a little more to the Buffs success.

Senior linebacker Chris Olson gave his insight, "A lot of teams do beards or long hair or someting, we've never really seen a team with mustaches so it's kind of a way to unite the team so we all agreed to shave our beards into mustaches."

Kevin VanVoris has arguably the best mustache on the team.  The senior punter says his teammates talked him into it, "a few guys had the staches last week and they called me and Ramon (Lopez) over to the table and if we won last week we were all going to do mustaches. So obviously, I have mine and it's pretty rowdy."

Some of the players have taken selfies to boast about their new looks.

As for coach Nesbitt, he claims he's not buying in, "I'm not a mustache guy, can't grow one. Never been able to, so that's a negative for me. They want me to grow one, that's not going to happen."

Nesbitt isn't the only one who isn't a fan of the facial hair, "My fiance says shave it, and everyone else is like, those things are so dirty," added Olson.

"No one takes me seriously any more, and I probably wouldnt either with this mustache," says punter Kevin VanVoris

Like it or not the results speak for themselves and if the WT winning streak grows this weekend, then so too will the mustaches.

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