Workplace Bullying - Hard To Ban?

Workplace Bullying - Hard To Ban?

Workplace bullies can cost companies a lot of money and it takes both a physical and an emotional toll on those affected but there haven't been many updates to workplace laws when it comes to bullying.
More than 35 percent of employees feel they've been bullied at work. That's according to a study from Careerbuilder in 2012. But not a single law has passed in the United States that would punish bullies in the workplace.

And according to Fortune Magazine, that's despite proposals for legislation in 25 states. All of those efforts have failed to become law.

Why? Well, unless someone is targeted because of their sex, race, disability, or religion. being mean is not against the law.

Remember that bullying is really very subjective.

Think of it this way, how could lawmakers define the difference between a boss who is screaming and a boss who is only raising their voice?

And would any anti-bullying laws affect whether your boss could tell you what to do?

Would employees be able to use it to take advantage of situations?

You can see that perception plays a role here.

Now, if you are feeling bullied at work remember, that just because there aren't laws against it, this doesn't mean you can or should tolerate it. Talk to someone. Talk to your boss. Many companies have training about workplace bullying and should address these issues when they come up.
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