Women Across the Globe Unite to Sing

Women Across the Globe Unite to Sing

Sweet Adelines Palo Duro Metro Chapter - (806) 371-8888 - www.harmonize.com/palodurometro
"Our group, Sweet Adeline's is an international organization and we're the Palo Duro Metro Chapter of Sweet Adeline's. "I've been a Sweet Adeline singing a capella barbershop for over 40 years and when I came here, here they were and I was happy as a lark," explains co-director Dee Thomas. 

What started in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Sweet Adeline's has since grown into an international a capella barbershop association that's uniting women across the globe.

"I've belonged to chapters in California and we've had international contests. I belonged to a chapter in Oklahoma and we went to China. We found out that singers are singers regardless of the language," states Dee. 

Their instruments are simple. They use only voices to sing a variety of genres.

"We do Aquarius, Amazing Grace, and we do all kinds of patriotic songs. We do lots of songs from the 20's, 30's, 40's; I'll Be Seeing You, songs like that. When we perform we all dress alike and have jewelry alike and stuff like that. We sing all around the community and even some of the smaller communities," director Julie McCune explains. 

Practicing to compete and winning contests might seem like the main objective, but these women discover more than their ability to sing when they join.

"My favorite part... Oh gee that's really hard because you make friends that you would have never run into before and you meet wonderfully talented people like Julie our director for so long you enjoy the music and you meet women from all over the world.  When we travel and go to contests, friends may come up to you that don't remember your name but you know them and you share that comradery in the music," says Dee. 

Julie's favorite part is, "I love the harmony. It's just different from other harmonies and I love watching women come into their own because they learn so many skills in Sweet Adeline's besides singing. Their self esteems go out the roof and it's amazing to watch those women bloom. That's my other favorite part, and the friends. I love it."

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